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YJLV power cable

The basic structure of a power cable consists of four parts: the core (conductor), the insulating layer, the shielding layer and the protective layer. The wire core is the conductive part of the power cable, which is used to transmit electrical energy and is the main part of the power cable. The insulating layer is to electrically isolate the core from the ground and the cores of different phases from each other to ensure the transmission of electric energy, and is an indispensable part of the power cable structure. Folded shielding layer, power cables of 15KV and above generally have conductor shielding layer and insulating shielding layer. The role of the protective layer is to protect the power cable from the intrusion of external impurities and moisture, and to prevent the power cable from being directly damaged by external forces.

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YJLV power cable


Low voltage cable

YJLV power cable

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