Armored power cable manufacturers: What are the precautions for cable purchase?


Armored power cable manufacturers: some basic protective layers of wire and cable, as well as some key issues involved in the practical application of wire and cable.

One, the total protective layer.

Armored power cable manufacturers remind everyone that the external total protective layer of wires and cables plays a very important protective role. Generally in the production process, manufacturers will use better materials for the overall protective layer.

Second, the outer sheath.

Generally, the outer sheath plays some insulating and related functions, so if you want to know the insulation layer of wire and cable, you can see where it is used, because some are used in the petrochemical field, and some are used in the ordinary civil field. Cable requirements are different.

       Armored power cable manufacturers: What are the precautions for cable purchase?

Third, armored power cable manufacturers: you must know its oil resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance and so on. These are very important. In some special places, special attention should be paid to its cold resistance. Some cables are not suitable for use in abnormal weather, so wire and cable manufacturers must protect these conditions.

Armored power cable manufacturers: What are the precautions for purchasing wires and cables?

1. Busbars of wires and cables

The bus of the cable will use two different materials: copper wire, aluminum wire and copper wire. The function of the wire is better, the quality of the product is also high, and the quality itself is too high, so the price will be slightly more expensive. The performance of aluminum wire is slightly worse than that of copper wire, so the price is lower.

2. Price of wire and cable


Different manufacturers have certain gaps in raw materials, financial resources and manpower, and naturally the quotations are also different. The price of manufacturers in the gathering place of wire and cable materials will be more affordable, so people should choose well-known manufacturers when purchasing wires and cables. The higher the reputation of the manufacturer, the more secure the product after-sale.

3. Types of wires and cables

Armored power cable manufacturers: The reason why the price of the wire is different is because it has a certain relationship with the category. The types of cables include overhead cables and household cables, and the prices of different types vary greatly.