Power cable manufacturer: how to deal with the water in the power cable?


Power cable manufacturer: It is very inconvenient to have water in the power cord. So far, there is no particularly reasonable way to deal with it. Replacing a cable is rather difficult without making an intermediate connector. Therefore, when the cable has water, it is generally necessary to take precautions.

First, the cable is not safe with water

Power cable manufacturer: Generally speaking, after the cable enters the water, under the action of the magnetic field, "water tree embrittlement" will occur. Cable damage always happens sooner or later, leading to cable penetration.

Second, the reason for the water in the power cable

       Power cable manufacturer: how to deal with the water in the power cable?

1. Power cable manufacturer: When the cable is laid and stored, the cable heads on both sides are not sealed or the sealing is not very good, and water vapor seeps into the cable.

2. During the entire cable laying process, the cable head is not well sealed, soaked in water, or when laying the threading pipe, the outer insulation layer of the cable is cracked, and water seeps into the cable.

3. After the cable is laid, the cable heads on both sides are not made immediately, and are exposed to the air or humid and cold natural environment for a long time.

4. During the entire operation of the cable power supply system, some cables penetrate and water penetrates into the cables.

Third, the solution to the water in the cable

1. Power cable manufacturers: make cable heads immediately after cable laying, and carry out wiring, so as to solve the hidden safety hazards in the budding stage.

2. If only the two edges of the cable are submerged, just cut off the two ends and the cable ends can be rerouted.

3. If the cable has a significant water inlet point, the cable must be disconnected around the water inlet point and an intermediate joint should be made.

4. There will inevitably be water accumulation in outdoor cable wells or cable safety passages. Cables should be supported and fixed by support brackets as much as possible.

5. Professionally used to solve the problem of internal pressure drying of cables, generally there is no technical professional machinery and equipment.

6. Power cable manufacturers: Conduct pressure leakage tests on cables on time to ensure immediate understanding of the operation of cables.