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In August 2002, We were awarded the “China Quality Credit Guarantee Enterprise”. And through the national industrial products mandatory "CCC" certification.

Welcome to the official website of Jiaozuo Jiechuang Cable Co., Ltd.!
Founded in 1976, Jiaozuo Jiechuang Cable Co., Ltd. is located in Xishaofeng Industrial Park, Xitao Town, Wuyi County, Henan Province. It is adjacent to National Highway 107 and Beijing-Guangzhou Railw

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The wire and cable used in the power system mainly includes overhead bare wires, bus bar (bus bar) cables, power cables (plastic cables, oil-paper cables (substantially replaced by plastic power cable
It is suitable for signal transmission, control and measurement systems of electrical instruments and power distribution devices with AC rated voltage (U○/U) 450/750V and below in petrochemical enterp
Over the years, Jiechuang Cable\'s products have proven to be a highly versatile provider of specialty wire and cable products. Today, our leading innovative solutions are tailored to meet the unique n
Jiechuang Cable provides a complete copper and aluminum alloy construction line in almost every building application. Our wire and cable products provide critical power in residential, industrial, com
“Wuling” brand high and low voltage cross-linked cables, control cables, group burning cables, fire-resistant cables, plastic cables, overhead insulated cables, aluminum stranded wires and steel-cored

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